Tuesday, 12 August 2008

My Google Mail account is "dead"...

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My Google Mail account is “dead”. I have a message (in Portuguese) that says “you account has problems. You can not use it while those problems exist, but don't worry, all data and messages of your account are safe. Our engineers are trying to solve the problem. Try to access your account within a few minutes" - 10:28 pm, August 11, 2008


Anonymous said...

Well, perhaps you are doing something right, Paulo.

PAMELA said...

This happens all the time--there's nothing sinister afoot. Usually hitting refresh or the back button gets you right in.

Anonymous said...


The British Government warned that sites would be 'monitored'. How long does it take to install tracking technology ?

The engineers who dealt with your 'problem' are either psychic or knew the cause. Hey presto, back in operation within minutes as envisaged.

As questionable as the 7 interruptions in Jane Tanner's interview with police in April.
She conferred with her lawyer during the 'breaks'.

"Don't worry" - personal reassurance - is abnormal with service providers. Best to change providers in case you're being monitored, as forewarned.

Anonymous said...

Google was forced to make a grovelling apology to millions of users of its Gmail email service yesterday, after the system went down for several hours.