Sunday, 17 August 2008

British tourist tried to snatch a blonde Croatian boy they thought was Madeleine McCann

The young son of a player from Dinamo Zagreb (from Croatia) was almost snatched from her mother by a group of British tourists, who thought he was Madeleine McCann, according to the sports Spanish newspaper Marca. The blonde boy, Leone Drpic, son of Dinamo Zagreb football player Dino Drpic, two and a half years old, was with his mother in the island of Krk, when a British woman started to chat with the child.

Nives Drpic, the footballer's wife, didn't pay much attention because she is a well known fashion model and is used to having people talking and taking pictures of her and her son, anywhere they go. But then, the British woman grabbed the boy by his arm and tried to take him with her. She ran and stopped the British tourist who, after that, realised it was a mistake, and admitted the two and half years old boy was not Madeleine McCann, who was four years old when she disappeared, on May 2007.