Thursday, 14 August 2008

The aerobic instructor short statement

Najoua Chekaya arrived in Portugal on March 2007, recruited in England to work for Mark Warner, according to her statement to PJ, on May 2007. Just a curiosity, the translator was Robert Murat. She described her daily working routine, as an aerobics instructor and said that when she arrived at Ocean Club, she was asked also to perform a “Quiz Game”, at night (09:00 pm), on Tapas Bar, twice a week – every Sunday and Tuesday.

On May 1, 2007, after the “Quiz” was finished, Najoua was invited by Gerry McCann to sit at their table, to have a drink. She was there for 15/20 minutes, between 9.30 and 9:50 pm. There was just casual talk and she didn't know if Madeleine's mother was at the table or not.

During that period of time, nobody left the table, but there was an empty chair. Who had been sitting at that chair, Najoua didn't know.

Duarte Levy and Paulo Reis